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Sick of overthinking & self-doubt?

Use this “Alter-You System” to Finally Get Out Of Your Own Way & Living Your Kickass Life - Today!

Without needing to “try harder”...

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How Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys & Madonna are Able to Switch into their “Alter Egos” in an Instant.


Top entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers are using the new neuroscience of self-image to “hack their confidence” and instantly transform into the most powerful, confident version of themselves

...& get the job done.


Plus, there’s a ton more...

Why are they doing it?

Fact -  It’s science...

“Switching” to an Alter-Ego Suppresses Fear & Triggers  the Powerful, Action-Taking Parts of your brain.

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You might hear the word “alter ego” and wonder about its legitimacy but what if I told you that it's based on the most recent neuroscience research showing it to be the most effective way to change your mind and behavior.

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"A 2021 study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology found that creating an alter ego vision of the ideal future self led participants to take more real-world action to achieve life goals."

"Neuroscientists believe that regularly embodying an alter ego triggers neural remodeling, strengthening circuits linked to confidence, creativity and decisiveness."

"It works by activating the prefrontal cortex involved in higher reasoning while quieting the fear-based amygdala. Essentially, you build new mental "muscle memory" to override self-doubt."

Other research shows alter egos lead people to be more productive, achieve higher test scores, and feel more engaged and satisfied.

The science is undeniable.

Pretending to be your aspirational alter ego rewires your brain to become more like your highest self. This works.

Once You Change Your Self-Image, This “New You” Automatically Starts Taking Action & Changing Your Life!

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Instead of constant self-doubt and fear every time you take action, your default switches from “I can’t” to “I must.”

You no longer need to force yourself or feel disciplined and guilty. This new and improved version of you naturally does what needs to be done.

Not because you "should" take action, but because boldness is built into your identity. Your thoughts, your actions, your life - completely changed.

This alter ego makes confidence your natural state of being. You don't think about why you should take risks or work harder. You simply do, almost automatically, because your upgraded self is wired that way.

Your identity.
Your thoughts,
Your actions.
Your life - completely change...

I know this, because

More than a decade ago, Fear & Self-Doubt  was Holding Me Back from continuing
in my Success Path

I’m Nancy.

I'm a small business owner in San Francisco California.

More than a decade ago, I was working a 9-5 job while struggling to revive my side hustle after the 2008 crash into a thriving business. Fear and self-doubt was holding me back from taking it to the next level.
I tried everything - books, workshops, motivational videos.

But nothing stuck. I was puzzled over why I could work so hard for bosses but not myself.

What if I could create my own “CEO boss” identity for my life and business?

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When I Became bigger than myself, and put my alter ego CEO persona in action I was Finally Able to Launch & Grow the Business of My Dreams.

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The second I started embracing this empowered alter ego, everything changed.

Decisions became simple. Overthinking and anxiety was replaced by clarity and bold action. I felt confident in my own skin, worthy of chasing big goals.

After years stuck in fear and self-doubt, I began rapidly making progress week after week. Before long, my business took off  and started doing what I was always wishing for to hold its own weight and pay its own bills and function like a real Business.

Now, I've:

Grown our ice cream company to 6 figures

Started a second successful AI video service-based business

Co-Published a bestselling book sharing my method

Built an amazing community of high-achieving women

And been featured in:

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Plus, I’ve Helped Women for more than a Decade Overcome Fear & Doubt to Create a Alter-Ego for their Life and Business

Group 225

Georgina Otvos - Business Owner & Media Coach

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Karla Garcia - Pastry Business Owner & Community Builder

Group 227

Arie Rose - Multihyphenate - Realtor Latina TV Host & Actor

This isn’t just about creating someone bigger than yourself

It’s a System for Rewiring Your Self-Image into Your Most Powerful Version of Yourself ...And making it your “new normal”!

This isn’t about “positive thinking” in the mirror and then going back to your old ways.

After testing this out on myself and my clients - and implementing the latest neuroscience and celebrity tactics...

This system actually rewires the self-image center of your brain and takes you from fear-based thoughts into positive, powerful, intentional thoughts as your natural state.

Allowing you to:

Stop overthinking and take bold, decisive action

Feel self-assured instead of filled with self-doubt

Have clarity and conviction behind your vision

Become your most productive and motivated self

Attract opportunities and success into your life

Step into your true potential and lead at a higher level

Now, for the first time ever...

I Want to Work with You to Create and Implement 'Alter-You,' A Program Designed to Help You Overcome Personal Obstacles and Achieve your Most Ambitious Goals

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It’s an 8-week strategizing program where I will guide you through my proven “Alter-Ego CEO” process for developing and implementing this ambitious, confident "new you" persona - and making it your default mode of thinking and acting.
Free yourself from constant overthinking, worry and self-doubt start making moves!

Build unstoppable confidence and resilience with a proven blue print to your future

Gain laser-like focus on your biggest life goals with a structure

Tap into unlimited motivation on-demand

Become decisive and bold without second-guessing

Learn how to say NO and keep network in tact

Develop a magnetic leader persona that draws opportunities

Learn how to make decisions with no hesitation

We guide you every step, handling the heavy lifting to ensure no room for procrastination.

Go Through my 8 Week Process to Completely Shift Your Identity & Self-Image!

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What's Inside:

Need Proof?

Join Other Powerhouses Creating their own Alter-CEOs!

Group 231

Yaqueline Martinez - Chef and Business Owner

Group 230

Dalila Alegria (Coach Dee) Life Coach - Owner of Loveher Gym

Join Today & Get Access to $3,488 worth of bonuses for free

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Results Guaranteed

Go through the program, and if you don’t feel a complete shift in yourself & your life - i’ll work with you until you do!

The Ultimate Program to Rewire Your Thinking & Become the Unstoppable Version of You!

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